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Besides offering our patent pending bowl press and box press, We also offer custom catered designs. Just use the contact form and let us know what you are looking for. We'll try and do our best to accommodate your needs.


Showing off some of her awesome creations she made with the box press!

Gotta say I love the tentacles.

Follow her on instagram! and check out some of her other amazing work.

Whiffarium ( on Facebook )

1.5 inch bowl press not big enough? 

Suz, got some bigger ones, and a wee little one :-)

Here are some spectacular moon water bowls, that contain actual regolith! 


Tania Rustage Ceramics

Taniarustageceramics Look her up on Etsy, and instagram.

Corn starch is a great release agent. to keep your clay from sticking. and you won't have to burn it off unlike vegetable oil or olive oil.



Gretchen from Molten_mud_studio, Shows how she uses the bowl press (1 inch), with the Box mold that was made for her.

Give her a follow on instagram!


Beesknees art by Amanda

Consistency on even eyeballs, keeps some uniformity on some awesome wacky designs. Absolute love her work!

Check out her instagram for her awesome unique and vibrant work!

Show it to us!

Send us a email or follow on instagram, show us your work and get featured! 


Boxpress howto

Here is the instructional file for the box press.just click the download PDF button


Bowlpress Howto

Bowl press file coming soon.

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